[ Case of two anterior restoration with full contour multilayered zirconia ]

Case report: two anterior restoration finalized with full contour multilayered zirconia

Initial case: 

patient’s request is to modify the old lateral

metal ceramic crowns

Step 1: 

temporary resin crowns as prototype

Step 2:

vestibular and palatal views of preparation in master  model (scanning step)

CAD design project in palatal and vestibular views after oculusion and sideshift virtual check

CAD design and thickness are also checked to respect final solution material according to the shape and conservative preparation.

The importance to replicate a natural morphology in order to create a correct design also in soft tissue respecting also all provious steps.

Step 3:

After sintering and check zirconia on the model is possible prepare the surface with a fine rubber to reduce the margin line off-set and finish surface texture

Sandblasting : 

Aluminium oxide 50µ  1-1,5 Bar

Step 4:

with the staining technique we have possibility to increase the chroma and the value effect in the enamel.

Final result after baking 

Step 5:

with one or more staining steps is possible to increase texture effect while to reduce it we can use a diamond rubber.

Very important step is also obtain a perfect polishing in the functional side for a complete a no-abrasive surface of the zirconia restauration.

Final result after palatal mechanical polishing. 

Final result after cementation.


Nowadays,using the new generation zirconia, it is possibile solve complex aesthetic request in anterior region applying a “monolayer” conservative approach.

Colour check under polarized filter.