White and pink aesthetics: a distinctive approach using KATANA Zirconia Multi-Layered

Finishing of six anterior elements with gingival flange produced from high-strength KATANATM Zirconia – from surface morphology adjustments to micro-layering.


Innovative high-translucency, multi-layered variants of zirconia feature well-balanced optical and outstanding mechanical properties. Their use allows for better outcomes of laboratory-based digital workflows and makes it possible to fulfil the increasing functional demands we are facing in the clinical environment. Depending on individual, case-specific needs, laboratory technicians can select a suitable zirconia and the distinctive technical approach delivering the desired outcomes. For this purpose, it is essential to develop a deep understanding of the available materials, their chromatic adaptability and general aesthetic potential, the design and finishing options and their correct technical implementation as well as the most important case-specific selection criteria. In combination with advanced laboratory-based communication skills, this knowledge will enable us to fulfil or even exceed the patient’s expectations by delivering a highly aesthetic, functional restoration.

Let us assume that a six-unit anterior bridge with gum area on implants is needed. For the ideal prosthetic solution, white aesthetics is fundamental, but a perfect harmony will only be achieved if the gingival texture and colour is reproduced in a natural way, as the gingiva is considered the “aesthetic frame” of the dental restoration. Our solution is a monolithic restoration made of KATANA™ Zirconia YML, finished using a 3D micro-layering technique with CERABIEN ™ ZR.


In this Master Course, you will acquire the theoretical knowledge needed to select the appropriate zirconia and finishing technique for every individual case and the practical skills required for the finishing of the six-unit bridge with gum area – from surface texturing to 3D micro-layering on teeth and gums.


  • Select the appropriate type of KATANA ™ Zirconia ML
  • Re-finish pre-sintered zirconia Optimize the sintering process
  • Re-finish and prepare the zero cut-back elements
  • Accomplish micro-layering with CERABIEN ™
  • ZR porcelain Perform mechanical finishing and polishing



Start of the day – 9:00 AM

Theory, Part I:

– Zirconia evolution and classification

– Clinical strategies and needs

– Selection criteria for KATANA ™ Zirconia

– Tooth and gum natural colour analysis

– Internal Live Stain Technique

– Paste porcelain layering

– Digital workflow

– New lab procedures

Hands-On, Part I:

– “Carving” treatment of the pre-sintered restoration

– Morphological finishing of “carving” treatment

– Texturing, symmetrical macro-replication

– Sintering processes

Theory, Part II:

– Optical properties of the natural tooth

– Colour projection and material selection for 3D micro-layering

– Colour assessment and spectrophotometric control

– Standard and individual colouring

Conclusion of the activities: 18:00 PM


Start of the day – 9:00 AM

Hands-On, Part II:

– Analysis of the sintering results

– Post-sintering corrections and mechanical finishing

– Zero cut-back surface preparation

– Internal live staining and fluorine layering

Hands-On, Part III:

– 3D micro-layering with ceramic emulsions

– Opalescence effects and intensives: simplified symmetrical technique

– Gum layering with tissue porcelain

– Chromatic control and baking

Hands-On, Part IV:

– Mechanical polishing of zirconia surfaces

– Individual polishing

– Final analysis and discussion about the finished objects

– Checking of the finished objects and evaluation

– Final revision

Conclusion of the activities: 17:00 PM

Hands-on course => Before every phase of the course, a live demo will be performed by the lecturer.

Taught in English.

8 places


€ 790  VAT excluded

included of 2 lunches, 1 cocktail dinner, coffee breaks.

Reservation Fee € 200



The course will be in Savona, Ligurian coast, and the nearest airport is Genoa (GOA), reachable in 30 minutes by train.

We usually suggest the NH Darsena Hotel, where we have a preferential rate. But fell free to choose what you prefer in the city and it will be a pleasure to help you in your needs!